How to use a Microwave Idli Container

Microwave Idli Maker:

Earlier idlis were made in steel or aluminium idli maker or in a pressure cooker. Now Microwave safe idli maker is available in the market. It saves a lot of time & is safe to use.

A Microwave Idli Maker consists of a container with a lid. It contains mostly 2 
stands of idli moulds . Each stand consists of 4 moulds which makes normal size idlis. That makes 8 idlis at a time.
Also available in the market is a stand of mini idlis which makes upto 30 miniature idlis at a time.

Method of making Idlis:

In the container add 125 ml of water. When the idlis are being microwaved, it is the steam from this water that is utilized for the steaming of the idlis.

Put the batter in the idli moulds. No need to apply oil. Idli's can be easily removed from the moulds with a spoon.Put the lid and close properly. On high power microwave for 3 to 5 mins.Check to see if the idlis are done by inserting a knife in the idlis. If the knife does not come out clean, then microwave again for 1 to 2  minutes more.While removing the container lid please be careful as the hot steam coming from the container can burn your hands.


  1. hi, i tried this microwave idli maker but idlis dont bloat as in case of our normal idli maker when the same batter is tried in both types of idli makers. wht cud be the reason.

    1. You are right Shubhangi. You have to add a pinch of eating soda & mix it in the batter just before putting the batter in the microwave moulds.

  2. Nice post, but I would like if you provide details like how to actually make idlis using this.

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  3. Thanks Raksha. I will post Idli recipe very soon maybe in 2-3 days.

  4. Nice post. The idli came out fantastically.

  5. From where I can find a Microwave Idli Maker in NZ?